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Opportunity for Latin American students in the area of environmental economics

  • A total of four papers will be selected for presentation at this year's SBCA and 30 more people will receive scholarships to participate in the virtual event.

Six Latin American and African countries become drinking water observatories

  • CATIE will lead a project involving researchers from prestigious academic and research institutions worldwide.

CATIE present at the INCOCOA International Conference

  • The conference brought together researchers from all latitudes to offer their contributions to the cocoa scientific community.

French Minister visits CATIE to boost cooperation ties for sustainable development cooperation

  • The French Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs visited CATIE's headquarters, where he learned about the work carried out in collaboration with French scientists at the Center for the benefit of Latin America and the Caribbean.

CATIE's Master's Degrees obtain approval by the Costa Rican Civil Service

  • CATIE graduates can now count on the support of Costa Rica's Civil Service Regime, which represents a fundamental contribution to strengthening the work of the Public Administration.