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CATIE researchers present for the first time at the international conference TROPENTAG 2021

  • CATIE organized a workshop for the TROPENTAG 2021 conference at which it presented strategies for promoting sustainable agriculture in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Guide launched for local governments in Costa Rica to move towards a circular economy

  • The circular economy represents an essential step towards achieving climate goals. According to the UN, a fully circular economy would reduce resource use by 28% and carbon emissions by 72%.

CATIE joins the Alliance for Responsible Forest Management

  • It Will be the main technical partner for Latin America

CATIE's support actions in the Belizean project on productivity and resilience to climate change in livestock systems are concluded

  • The project has been underway since 2018 and is currently awaiting new joint proposals to improve productivity and resilience in Belizean livestock farming.

Restoration of urban ecosystems: a crucial action for the resilience of cities to extreme weather events

  • The research was conducted by CATIE in Turrialba and shows the management of urban ecosystems as crucial elements for more resilient cities in the face of climate events, such as the past floods in the canton, as well as to advance towards their sustainability