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INAB and CATIE launch the first edition of the CONSTRUCTON contest

  • A team contest for the design of a wooden house

Guatemala, July 4 2019. On July 2, INAB (its Spanish acronym)  the National Forest Institute of Guatemala and CATIE (Tropical Agricultural Research and Higher Education Center) launched the first edition of the Constructon 2019 contest, which seeks to encourage the use of legal wood in Guatemala.  The event took place at the auditorium of the Rafael Landívar University and counted with the participation of businessmen, professors and students of architecture, as well as professionals of engineering, design and architecture.

The initiative is promoted within the framework of the Secondary Forests Project, which is part of CATIE's Biodiversity and Climate Change Program and is funded by the International Climate Initiative (IKI). The project was born in 2017 with the aim of developing sustainable models to promote the management of these forests as productive, relevant and habitual ecosystems.

Jean Pierre Morales, leader of this project, mentions that this initiative seeks to encourage co-creation and innovation in equipment, which poses a challenge such as building sustainable housing where wood is the predominant material. "What we are looking for is for wood consumption to become more dynamic and for housing to once again become one of the markets for wood producers," he explained. He also added that it seeks to promote sustainable construction in this material as countries like New Zealand, Australia and others are doing.

 Julio López, representative of CATIE in Guatemala, highlights that this contest will open new spaces for the diversified and innovative use of wood, mainly that which is legally harvested in forests under sustainable forest management; in addition, it will expand the opportunities for the use of wood for housing of all types.

In this sense, Martir Vásquez, Director of Industry and Commerce at INAB, considers that the expected benefits are the promotion of the use of wood in buildings, highlighting its contributions as structural and non-structural material, the promotion of design culture and innovation in the wood construction sector. He also indicated that business models will be promoted as an alternative to promote the development of housing projects and productive chains of wood.

 Vásquez emphasized that new and future professionals will be aware of the importance of design and construction with the use of wood as a structural element and will promote teamwork of teachers and students, encouraging excellence and innovation through rigorous research and the application of these concepts in the project.

The contest is also supported by the Guatemalan Association of Structural and Seismic Engineering (AGIES, its Spanish acronym), the University of San Carlos in Guatemala (USAC, its Spanish acronym), Guatemalan Chamber of Construction, Rafael Landívar University, TECHO, Universidad del Valle de Guatemala (University of Guatemala Valley) and the Forest Guild of Guatemala.

 To find out, download the contest rules and register go to the website and click on the CONSTRUCTON 2019 link.


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