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CATIE and 1890 Universities Foundation will work together on academic exchange

  • Both institutions signed a cooperation agreement to improve academic and research exchange.

August 8, 2019. On August 6, Muhammad Ibrahim, Director General of CATIE (Tropical Agricultural Research and Higher Education Center) and Mortimer Neufville, President and CEO of 1890 Universities Foundation signed a cooperation agreement for development and academic exchange between the Center and the Foundation, which took place at CATIE's headquarters in Turrialba, Costa Rica.

"The fundamental objective of the agreement is to improve the academic and research exchange between professors and students of both institutions; in addition to providing an enabling environment for internships for students from U.S. universities in Costa Rica," Neufville said.

"We want to continue strengthening this platform of cooperation, and work with all these institutions, so that students have the opportunity to develop networks interacting with different people both in CATIE and in the member universities of the Foundation" commented Muhammad Ibrahim, director general of CATIE.

Neufville added that the foundation supports major teaching, research and outreach missions through its 19 member universities located in the United States. Because of this, he stressed the importance of this agreement; since the goals and objectives of CATIE are very similar to the work carried out by the foundation and that some of the research of both institutions coincide in their themes.

"My expectation of this agreement is that in the next few years we can see joint research projects and that we can see more students moving both ways," Neufville said.

Wilma Mishoe, president of Delaware State University (a member university of the Foundation); Alejandro Imbach, director of education at CATIE; and other members of the Center and the Foundation also participated in the signing of this agreement.

This cooperation agreement will be valid for five years and may be extended by mutual agreement of the parties.



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