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CATIE weather station renewed

  • Within the framework of an agreement, the National Meteorological Institute installed a new station, whose data can be used by both institutions 

October 8, 2019. The installation of a new weather station on the campus of CATIE (Tropical Agricultural Research and Higher Education Center) in Turrialba was completed on September 26. 

The installation was carried out by the National Meteorological Institute of Costa Rica (IMN, its Spanish acronym), within the framework of a cooperation agreement that both institutions signed in August. 

The new station is located in the same sector of the campus where the old stations have been (in front of the Institutional Cafeteria) and the data generated will be used by both institutions. 

"This is a first level station, it will record basic data such as precipitation, temperature, relative humidity, solar radiation, wind speed and direction, but it also includes other important sensors for the research that can be developed in the institution, such as ultraviolet radiation, photo-synthetically active radiation (PAR) and evaporation. There is also the possibility of including other sensors that may eventually be required," said Daniel Fernandez, in charge of the station on behalf of CATIE. 

Fernandez said that for the work of CATIE the meteorological data are of great importance, because many of them are required both by students in their research and by researchers from different programs of the institution. 

CATIE's meteorological stations have a long history of data, dating back to 1949, being one of the most important meteorological data records in Costa Rica. 

"Keeping this record for almost seven decades allows us to make a broad analysis of weather behavior in our headquarters and in the canton of Turrialba," Fernandez added. 

The people in charge of analyzing the data from this station are Fernandez and Mauricio Ortiz, IMN meteorologist. 

The new weather station is linked to the CATIE network, so its data is automatically downloaded and, in the medium term, is expected to appear in real time on the Centre's website.


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