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Campeche Learning Community Consolidated to Promote a Research Agenda on Sustainable Livestock and Biodiversity

  • The BioPaSOS project developed a workshop in which inter-institutional synergies were strengthened.

October 15, 2019. The Biodiversity and Sustainable Livestock Landscapes project,  known as BioPaSOS, which is implemented by CATIE (Tropical Agricultural Research and Higher Education Center), continues to promote the consolidation of the learning community in sustainable livestock and biodiversity in Campeche, Mexico. Therefore, in September, it convened representatives of the livestock sector, researchers, federal and state officials, and non-governmental organizations for a workshop to support the governance process and the construction of a research agenda.

The workshop was facilitated by Ileana Ávalos, consultant for the BioPaSOS project, who mentioned the importance of continuing with the process that began in March 2019, aimed at building a collective to promote and develop sustainable livestock in Campeche.

The workshop was attended by researchers from El Colegio de la Frontera Sur (ECOSUR), National Institute for Agricultural and Livestock Forestry Research (INIFAP, its Spanish acronym) China Institute of Technology (IT China)) and Juárez Autonomous University of Tabasco (UJAT, its Spanish acronym), as well as representatives of producers and local livestock associations from the Rural Development Secretariat of the State of Campeche (SDR, its Spanish acronym), of the Secretariat of Environment, Biodiversity and Climate Change (SEMABICC, its Spanish acronym), of the Secretariat of Agriculture and Rural Development (SADER, its Spanish acronym), of the Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture (IICA), of the National Commission on Protected Areas (CONANP, its Spanish acronym), of the Secretariat of Welfare-Sowing Life and of the National Forestry Commission (CONAFOR, its Spanish acronym).

As part of the results of the workshop, the name of the learning community was defined by consensus, called: Working Group on Sustainable Livestock, which aims to provide a space for the exchange of information, experiences and collaboration that seeks to link public institutions, civil associations, universities, research centers and livestock producers, to promote and implement good livestock and agro-forestry practices.

In addition, progress was made on the definition of a calendar of group meetings, the proposal for internal regulations and the definition of working on the research agenda along three lines:

  • Animal feeding strategies
  • Biodiversity monitoring, fauna-human interaction
  • Water resources

The participants recognized the importance of these spaces of analysis and work that allow the conjunction of efforts and mentioned the need to collaborate in this type of initiatives that will be very useful for the benefit of livestock in the state.

Edwin Pérez, local coordinator of the BioPaSOS project in Campeche, commented that the project will continue to support this initiative to integrate and consolidate the inter-institutional group that contributes to the development of livestock with higher productivity rates, low emissions and greater contributions to biodiversity in the state of Campeche.

Finally, Ávalos explained that these processes are progressing gradually, are consolidated on the basis of small achievements and that the results obtained in an organized manner will always be greater than those that could be obtained individually.


More information/written by:

Edwin Pérez Sánchez
Local Coordinator Campeche
Biodiversity and Agro-silvopastoral Livestock Landscapes Project, BioPaSOS
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