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CATIE and the Nicaraguan Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry strengthen their cooperation

  • The Minister, Edward Centeno, visited the headquarters of the Center and requested technical advice on key issues such as cattle ranching, coffee, cocoa, agroecology and training technicians.

November 4, 2019. On November 1, CATIE (Tropical Agricultural Research and Higher Education Center) received at its headquarters Edward Centeno, Minister of Agriculture and Forestry of Nicaragua; accompanied by José Alejandro Pineda, ministerial advisor, and Rubelino Hernández, Nicaraguan ambassador to Costa Rica.

They were invited by CATIE's director general, Muhammad Ibrahim, who attended them together with directors, leaders of research programs and a representative of the Center's Graduate School.

The Minister and his companions made a field tour of the International Coffee Collection, the International Cocoa Collection, the sustainable dairy farm, the Botanical Garden and the Ecosystem Modeling Laboratory of CATIE, which allowed them to learn more about the work of the institution and how it can continue to support Nicaragua.

They also held a meeting in which they emphasized that Nicaragua has been a focal country for CATIE, in which contributions have been made in agroforestry, coffee, cocoa, sustainable livestock, recovery of degraded pastures, production chains and water.

In this regard, the Minister requested, within the framework of this cooperation, technical assistance from CATIE for the creation of the National Strategy for the Development of Bovine Livestock, as well as assistance in the improvement of pastures and fodder, good livestock practices, coffee and cocoa management, agro-ecology and agro-forestry.

"We know that CATIE can continue to support us because here there is knowledge, there is research," said Minister Centeno.

He also expressed his interest in CATIE training technicians who are immersed in rural extension. "That the technicians that are all over the country have the best quality in terms of training and knowledge because they are, at the end of the day, the ones that are every day relating to the producer, seeing and exchanging with them how to do things better," added the Minister.

According to Ibrahim, knowing the focal points where the ministry is interested in CATIE working is of the utmost importance because the institution is called upon to work with its member countries, including Nicaragua.

In this sense, after the visit, CATIE undertook to develop a working route on the topics indicated for the coming months.



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Information Technology and Communication
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