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Experts from Central America, Mexico and the Dominican Republic model coffee pruning systems

  • Pruning is a practice that directly and significantly influences the productivity of the coffee plantation

November 5, 2019. Eighteen experts from coffee institutes in Central America, Mexico and the Dominican Republic participated in a European Union-funded Central American Programme for Integrated Management of Coffee Rust (PROCAGICA) workshop, implemented by the Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture (IICA) and CATIE (Tropical Agricultural Research and Higher Education Center), to mathematically model the most commonly used coffee pruning systems in the region.

-The workshop, held in El Salvador from 28 to 30 October, captured the knowledge of the institutes' coffee pruning experts to incorporate it into mathematical models that describe the demographic, productive and financial behavior of coffee plantations subjected to different pruning systems.

"We are aware of the various challenges facing coffee farming in Central America and the Caribbean, the effects of climate change, price instability, pests and diseases, among others. This is why there is still a need to make producers aware of the best experiences, practices and technologies to improve the management of coffee pruning in the region and the world," said Eduardo Somarriba, leader of CATIE's Agriculture, Livestock and Agro-forestry Program (PRAGA).

The workshop facilitation team included members of CATIE, including Somarriba; Francisco Quesada and Felipe Peguero, PRAGA researchers; as well as Byron Medina and Flor Castro, members of the CATIE team in El Salvador.

After the workshop, a technical manual will be produced which will describe in a homogeneous and comparable way the main coffee pruning systems used in the region.

In addition, it is hoped to initiate a process of discussion of mathematical approaches to pruning management with private sector coffee agronomists, cooperatives and coffee mills in the region, with a view to increasing the productivity of coffee plantations.


Coffee institutes present at the workshop: 

  • Dominican Coffee Institute (INDOCAFE)
  • Honduran Coffee Institute (IHCAFE)
  • Nicaraguan Institute of Agricultural Technology (INTA)
  • National Coffee Association (ANACAFE) of Guatemala
  • Salvadoran Coffee Council (CSC)
  • Centro Agrológico del Café (CAFECOL) of Mexico



Workshop Participants



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