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CATIE shared experiences on watershed management and water management in agriculture in the face of climate change

  • The institution participated in the First National Symposium on Watershed Management in Panama.

November 26, 2019. In front of more than 150 people, including students, professors, professionals and public officials from the Ministry of Environment and the Ministry of Agricultural Development of Panama, CATIE (Tropical Agricultural Research and Higher Education Center) shared its experiences of over-management and management of river basins, last November 21, in the First National Symposium on River Basin Management, organized by the University of Panama, within the framework of the XXIII Congress of Agricultural Sciences.

CATIE's participation was led by Jorge Faustino, an expert in watershed management, who presented aspects related to the evolution of approaches to watershed management in Central America. Roberto Quiroz, Director of the Office of Global Alliances and Resource Mobilization, also presented the challenges, strategies and measurements required for an efficient and sustainable use of water in the face of climate change.

Milciades Concepción, Minister of the Environment of Panama, highlighted the importance of the event as it deals with a vital issue for the country; he also thanked the University of Panama for its organization and CATIE for its participation as a pioneer in the region on the issue of river basin management.

For Faustino, the event provided an opportunity to highlight the advances and institutional challenges in the approach to watershed work. For his part, Quiroz mentioned that it is necessary to continue the research work to identify and implement efficient actions in food production, such as, for example, water saving in agriculture.

CATIE has worked in Panama in the formulation of several management plans and watershed management; it has also developed base studies and projects aimed at strengthening watershed committees.

Elvin Britton, CATIE's representative in Panama, commented that watershed restoration is one of the country's main challenges and that CATIE has been working on it since 2017 and plans to maintain this line of action.

Carlos Him, organizer of the symposium, thanked all those present for their participation and committed himself to maintain the space in the years to come to share experiences and advance in the shared management of the territories delimited by the river basins.


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