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Brazilian technical mission learned about agro-forestry systems and good agricultural practices

  • They toured Costa Rica, visiting CATIE, IICA, MAG, as well as coffee and hornamental farms

November 27, 2019. From November 18 to 23, a Brazilian technical mission, specifically from the state of Brasilia, was in Costa Rica to learn about sustainable strategies with agro-forestry systems and good agricultural practices; to this end, they visited CATIE (Tropical Agricultural Research and Education Center) and other institutions such as the Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture (IICA), the Ministry of Environment and Livestock (MAG, its Spanish acronym), the National Forest Financing Fund (FONAFIFO, its Spanish acronym) and companies such as CANTARO, COOPRONARANJO and Turriplantas. 

The technical mission group consisted of representatives of the Brazilian extension services, the national entity in charge of learning programmes (SEBRAE), representatives of national cooperative organizations (OCB), organic and conventional producers and entrepreneurs. 

At CATIE, the mission visited the Botanical Garden, the International Coffee Collection, the International Cocoa Collection and a trial of coffee agro-forestry systems. In addition, they toured silvo-pastoral modules and good practices of the Center's cattle farm. 

They also received a talk by CATIE's Agribusiness Development Unit, in which they learned about the experience of this unit working with honey and fruit value chains. 

Finally, they shared a space with Rolando Cerda, coordinator of the Perennial Crops and Agro-forestry Unit of CATIE's Agriculture, Livestock and Agro-forestry Program (PRAGA), who presented them with different innovative coffee and cocoa methodologies for new projects. 

Elías de Melo, PRAGA researcher at CATIE who led the visit, stated that the experience fulfilled the purposes of approaching technicians and institutions of both countries and knowledge of advanced processes of development and promotion of sustainable development strategies, and in particular with the use of agro-forestry systems. 

Finally, the interest of Brazilian institutions in formalizing collaboration with CATIE for the development of joint actions was confirmed.


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Coffee Team
Agriculture, Livestock and Agro-forestry Program
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