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The Guatemalan youth, winners of the CONSTRUCTON 2019 challenge, prepared their business model at CATIE

  • They were trained by experts from the Secondary Forests Project to model their idea into a business.

December 16 2019. After winning the CONSTRUCTON 2019 in Guatemala, a challenge in which the participants devised a sustainable and accessible wooden housing with a novel construction system, three groups of young people came to CATIE (Tropical Agricultural Research and Higher Education Center), in Costa Rica, to structure, together with experts in business strategy of the Secondary Forests project, a business model based on the prototype with which they won the challenge. 

The first group, called CLC Group, consisted of Lázaro Marcotulio Alfaro, Claudia Susana Castillo and Jaime César de León, from the University of San Carlos in Guatemala. The second group, called Modularq, consisted of Carlos Francisco Gálvez, Astrid Lorena García and Pedro Andrés Figueroa, from the Universidad Rafael Landívar. Finally, the third group, LIO ARQ, was made up of Marlon Fernando Álvarez, Lisbet Janeth Letona and Linda Flor de Margarita Chinchilla, from the University of San Carlos in Guatemala. 

"The dynamic consisted in starting from their prototype we started a work process to support them in the business modeling, for this theoretical classes and practical work were carried out with individual mentoring, so that the participants could build their first interaction with their business model," said Jean Pierre Morales, leader of CATIE's Secondary Forests project. 

Morales explained that the technological challenges, such as the launched, are composed of a diversity of steps, including ideation, consolidation and prototyping of the idea, business model and finally present this in a pitch, because the challenge is intended to promote entrepreneurship in young people. For us it is important that these prototypes of the CONSTRUCTON become enterprises", added Morales. 

The visit to CATIE of the three winning groups of CONSTRUCTON was part of the course Business Model for the Activa-CATIE enterprise, which began on December 9 and ends on December 14. 

Through the course, the young people learned about the nine elements that make up the CANVAS model, as well as the six elements of LeanCANVAS; tools for their entrepreneurship that will help them define their value proposition. 

Young people who, after this process, decide to continue their entrepreneurship, must register in CATIE's Activa Business Lab platform to continue receiving support in topics such as business model, market exit and acceleration.


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Jean Pierre Morales Aymerich
Secondary Forests Project
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Karla Salazar Leiva
Information Technology and Communication
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