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CATIE takes action on COVID-19 effects

  • With its measures, the institution seeks to support the Turrialban population

April 20, 2020. Since the appearance of COVID-19 in Costa Rica,  CATIE (Tropical Agricultural Research and Higher Education Center) has implemented the measures and recommendations indicated by the health authorities to contain the disease.

In this sense, most of its staff is tele-working from their homes and its students are receiving virtual classes, in order to safeguard their health, that of their families and that of the Turrialba community in general.

In addition, in solidarity with the people of Turrialba in the face of the effects of COVID-19, CATIE is participating as an active member of the Municipal Emergency Committee, has made a vehicle available to the Costa Rican Social Security Fund to deliver medicines to the Turrialba population, and at the community level CATIE is supporting the collection of foodstuffs to establish food banks and distribute them to the most vulnerable households in the canton.

Also, to support Turrialba's food security, CATIE began planting more crops such as plantain, cassava, beans, corn and ayote on its farm, which will serve as a food bank and are planned to be distributed among Turrialba residents who suffer from limited access to food as a result of the crisis in the near future.

CATIE is aware of the negative impacts of COVID-19 on agricultural production chains and is working with MAG and MINAE authorities to develop projects to recover agricultural production in a sustainable manner in the short term.  


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