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Cooperation Seeks to Strengthen Guatemala's Agricultural and Natural Resources Sector

  • CATIE spoke with MAGA to learn about current issues of interest in the country and to support them in their needs

May 20, 2020. On May 19, the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Food (MAGA, its Spanish acronym) of Guatemala and CATIE (Tropical Agricultural Research and Higher Education Center) held a virtual meeting to resume coordination of various joint cooperation activities to strengthen the country's agricultural and natural resource sector. 

The meeting was attended by José Ángel López, Minister of the MAGA; Lucrecia Rodríguez, Advisor for Specific Affairs to the Minister; Muhammad Ibrahim, Director General of CATIE; Juan Carlos Méndez, Deputy Director General of the Centre; Julio López, CATIE's representative in Guatemala; Danilo Pezo, Coordinator of National Offices also of the Centre; and Eduardo Say, Coordinator of the National Nutrition Information Platform (PiNN) project in Guatemala. 

During this space, Minister López presented some topics of interest at the country level, among them, the strategic positioning of the agricultural activity and the strengthening of the sectorial activity, promoting actions of research and agro-ecological production; as well as the restructuring of strategic institutions that promote actions of productivity and rural development, as well as food security, among others. 

He also stressed the importance of family farming and rural extension services, in addition to boosting irrigation and micro-irrigation and water harvesting to improve and increase agricultural productivity. 

Another strategic theme highlighted was the need to consolidate research and training processes to strengthen the capacities of MAGA staff. 

For his part, after what was said, CATIE's General Director expressed the institution's full support to the current management of MAGA in Guatemala, for which lines of work and actions will be defined to concretize the support and achieve progress. Ibrahim also pointed out the importance of CATIE's support in relation to the post-COVID-19 scenario, for which strategic and integral approaches are needed, and spoke of the possibility of creating a scholarship fund to train national professionals and technicians, as a mechanism for institutional and sectoral strengthening. 

After a brief introduction congratulating the Minister for his recent appointment, CATIE's Deputy Director presented the Center's Representative in Guatemala, who took advantage of the space to show the different actions and initiatives promoted by the institution in the country, such as family agriculture and peasant economy projects, sustainable livestock and silvo-pastoral systems, value chains, agro-forestry systems, as well as sustainable forest management; actions executed in coordination with the public sector's governing bodies.  

"All these initiatives have been developed in line with sectoral policies and institutional approaches in the agricultural and natural resources sector, so that they contribute to the impacts expected by the country," said Representative López. 

Finally, CATIE requested the Ministry to appoint a permanent contact to advance this cooperation, according to the lines of work and actions to be carried out.


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Julio López
CATIE Representative in Guatemala
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Karla Salazar Leiva
Information Technology and Communication
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