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Within the framework of COVID-19, CATIE and the European Union held a virtual seminar on food assistance

  • The seminar was addressed to individuals, programmes and projects financed by the European Union in Guatemala

June 8, 2020. CATIE (Tropical Agricultural Research and Higher Education Center), through the National Nutrition Information Platform Project (PiNN) financed by the European Union, shared, last June 1, in the framework of a virtual seminar, the technical considerations to be taken into account to make food donations in Guatemala, under the context of the COVID-19. 

This seminar was mainly addressed to officials related to projects and programmes, of various thematic lines, financed and co-financed by the European Union in Guatemala.

Claudia Barillas, from the Delegation of the European Union in Guatemala (DUEG, its Spanish acronym), thanked CATIE for facilitating this seminar as it provided the minimum criteria on food assistance, proper food management, what alerts cannot be overlooked and what actions should be contemplated to help avoid an increase in malnutrition and food insecurity rates among the Guatemalan population, especially among children under five, pregnant or lactating women, as well as the elderly.

The development of the seminar was in charge of Sandra Recinos, technical advisor in nutrition data analysis of the PiNN project, who presented the European Union's food assistance policy and the nutritional status of children to the COVID-19. She also presented the considerations that must be taken into account for humanitarian assistance in the case of food transfer and preparation, as well as the care that must be given to nursing mothers.

During the seminar, the Peasant Movement proposed to take up again the ancestral knowledge of food; also, other participants indicated that it was necessary to generate actions to reduce the vulnerability of families to food and nutritional insecurity.

Eduardo Say, coordinator of the PiNN project, thanked the 72 participants for their attendance, highlighting that the seminar allowed for the sharing of elements to correctly carry out food donation processes within the framework of COVID-19, in order to promote the use and consumption of foods with high nutritional value.


More information:

Sandra Recinos
CATIE Nutrition Assistant
PiNN Project
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Written by:

Ninoshka Lou
Communicator CATIE Guatemala
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