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CGIAR's FTA Program and CATIE held workshops to showcase the progress and results of the Nicaragua-Honduras Sentinel Landscape initiative

  • These workshops provided a space for the exchange of information among decision makers and key stakeholders.

August 28, 2020. In August, two workshops were held to present the results and progress of the Nicaragua-Honduras Sentinel Landscape initiative, which is coordinated by CATIE (Tropical Agricultural Research and Higher Education Center) and the CGIAR Research Program on Forests, Trees and Agro-forestry (FTA), ), and thus provide a space for the exchange of information between decision makers and key actors in forest and protected areas, livestock, cocoa, coffee and biodiversity, in order to stimulate the union between these stakeholders, organizations and sectors of environmental management.

The CGIAR Research Program on Forests, Trees and Agro-forestry (FTA) is the world's largest development research program dedicated to enhancing the role of forests, trees and agro-forestry in sustainable development, food security and addressing climate change. In 2012, the program established a network of sentinel sites to conduct long-term research, using standardized methodologies, on the temporal and spatial dynamics of trees and forests in selected territories.

"These workshops were held in the Peñas Blancas Protected Area which is a sentinel site and were attended by representatives of non-governmental organizations (NGOs), government organizations and productive and academic sectors that make up the collaborative management committee of the Peñas Blancas area, representatives of national institutions in the environmental, biodiversity, coffee, cacao, livestock and tree use sectors, non-governmental representatives that support agricultural development, the environment and forest management, and university researchers in related fields," commented Norvin Sepúlveda, CATIE's representative in Nicaragua.

On the other hand, Sepulveda commented that in these workshops a collaborative management committee was created, with the objective of presenting the results of the biophysical and socioeconomic baseline, in addition, they presented the advances in research and coordination, in which they described the use of the land and the main characteristics of the four study blocks along the transition curve of the forest represented in the Sentinel landscape.

"Some studies were also presented at the Sentinel Nicaragua-Honduras site of the global research consortium on forests, trees and agro-forestry (Forests, Trees and Agroforestry, FTA, integrated by CIFOR, ICRAF, CIAT, BIOVERSITY, CATIE, CIRAD), said Sepulveda.

At the end, thanks to this meeting it was concluded that biophysical and socioeconomic studies are important to know how the state of the art is and that it is necessary to carry out to improve both local and national policies.

Also, CATIE and FTA have developed a great work in the area, especially in research, so it is necessary to continue with these efforts.

In addition,  it was considered of great importance to strengthen the collaborative management committee and also, the laws and their need to know them in order to apply them, in order to provide and improve sustainable economic alternatives.

Similarly, it was discussed to carry out research in conjunction with the network of researchers and to make the results known in order to find ways for the people who currently reside in the protected area to live better.

As a last aspect, it was concluded the need to carry out a reforestation program as an enrichment and also, to use ojoche and sesame oil, to enrich the flour with which the bread is made and make it more nutritious.


More information:

Norvin Sepulveda
National Representative of CATIE, Nicaragua
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Written by

Frania Escorcia
Responsible for communication and knowledge management
CATIE's National Office in Nicaragua
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