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CATIE reaffirms its commitment to bee protection

  • The Center signed an institutional policy in favor of the conservation of these insects and other pollinators, effective May 20.

On May 20, 2021, On World Bee Day and with the recent declaration of Turrialba as a pollinator-friendly canton, Muhammad Ibrahim, Director General of CATIE (Tropical Agricultural Research and Higher Education Center), signed on May 20 an institutional policy for the conservation and protection of these insects.

The signing of the policy took place during a celebration organized by the Botanical Garden and the Climate Action Unit of CATIE, with the support of the Lions Club of Turrialba, Costa Rica, thus consolidating the institutional commitment to scientific research and the contribution to policy decisions related to the conservation of pollinators, particularly bees.

In the document CATIE commits to develop actions, inside and outside its campus, that ensure the protection, and sustainable management of pollinators, through the creation of spaces and alliances, as a pillar to maintain and improve the livelihoods of the people of Latin America and the Caribbean.

From CATIE we wanted to sign this policy to contribute to the conservation of bees and other "From pollinators and we hope to continue building bridges and weaving links with all those who, like us, have an interest in the protection of pollinators and the development of beekeeping and associated value chains, fundamental for sustainable local economic development," said Muhammad Ibrahim, director general of CATIE.

The policy focuses on two main objectives. The first is to make the CATIE campus a safe space for pollinators, especially bees, by implementing actions aimed at their protection, appropriate management, and training, awareness and education of staff and visitors to the campus.

Secondly, the policy proposes to promote research on bees in various areas of science and development, emphasizing the importance of pollinators in maintaining and improving the health and resilience of ecosystems (natural and productive), as well as the livelihoods of rural communities, through strategic alliances with various public and private actors.

Milagro Rowe, deputy mayor of the Municipality of Turrialba, who participated in the signing of the policy, referred to the recent declaration of Turrialba as a bee-friendly canton and the coordinated work that the municipality and CATIE are developing on this issue.

"It is extremely important and valuable for us as a local government to have the support and relationship we have with CATIE, an institution that has lent us a hand for many years and with which we hope to continue working together to generate new partnerships and implement actions that help protect these pollinators and the activities that depend on them, in addition to providing a better quality of life for our beekeepers," said Rowe.

After the signing of the policy, the activity to celebrate World Bee Day continued with the awarding of the first three places in the children's story contest "Bees, essential for life" and finally, the donation of bee hotels by the Lions Club of Turrialba to CATIE's Botanical Garden, in order to educate and raise awareness on the subject to those who visit and work at CATIE.

The celebration of World Bee Day is a global event that adds to the country's actions under Law Number 9929, which declares beekeeping to be of public interest as an activity of great importance for the environmental, social and economic development of Costa Rica.


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