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CATIE strengthens alliances to support the Colombian Caribbean Pilot Plan

  • It will sign a tripartite agreement with Coolechera and Brinkman Group

May 25, 2021. As part of the actions of CATIE (Tropical Agricultural Research and Higher Education Center) in Colombia, on May 19 the institution held a meeting with representatives of the Coolecheray Brinkman Group to join forces and support the Pilot Plan for the Colombian Caribbean, through the development of a program for the transition from traditional livestock farming to climate-smart livestock farming in the region.

This initiative will support the Colombian Caribbean livestock sector under the scheme of sustainable production, in accordance with national and international standards.

The meeting was attended by Ricardo Feris, from Coolechera; Diego Dipieri, from Brinkman Group; Muhammad Ibrahim, Director General  of CATIE; Claudia Sepúlveda, coordinator of the Center's Environmental Livestock Unit; and Astrid Pulido, CATIE representative in Colombia.

During the meeting, Ibrahim highlighted CATIE's experience as a reference in Latin America in the field of sustainable and low-carbon livestock farming, as well as the Center's intention to contribute to the transition sought by Coolechera and respond to the problems faced by the region's livestock sector.

Feris said that the alliance that is being formed will strengthen Coolecher's vision of building a sustainable livestock sector, with quality production, contributing to the region's food security, promoting regional and national environmental and production policies, and strengthening ties with small producers in order to face the challenges of the dairy sector.

Dipieri emphasized Brinkman Group's experience in reforestation, restoration and biodiversity enhancement, which contributes to forest management, greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction and the goal of 180 million trees proposed by the Colombian government in Davos. 

The cooperation between these institutions will materialize through the signing of a tripartite agreement, in which CATIE will support the Caribbean Pilot Program by strengthening the capacities of associated producers through learning communities on issues related to climate-smart livestock, silvo-pastoral systems, good livestock practices, green fences, value chains, associativity and financing mechanisms. 

Brinkman will contribute to issues such as forest management, restoration and carbon markets, while Coolecher will be in charge of articulating the measures proposed in the Caribbean territories and ensuring that the measures adopted contribute to the region's food safety programs from the dairy sector, in addition to committing associated producers to be part of the pilot plan.

Finally, this alliance will promote the structuring of regional projects and the implementation of strategies or projects to benefit the regeneration of the Colombian Caribbean.


More information/written by:     

Astrid Pulido
CATIE representative in Colombia
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