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Central American stakeholders involved in the management of forest observatories exchanged experiences

  • The exchange took place in order to strengthen cooperation between the region's observatories, which seek to promote sustainable forest management as a nature-based solution.

October 19, 2021. Stakeholders involved in the management of forest observatories in Central America and members of the international network Tropical managed  Forest Observatory (TmFO) shared their experiences on research and sustainable forest management within the framework of a workshop organized, in person and virtually, from September 20 to 23, by the Chair of Ecology of CATIE (Tropical Agricultural Research and Higher Education Center).

The workshop aimed to strengthen cooperation and joint research between permanent plot monitoring (PPM) networks in managed forests in Central America and TmFo, as a way to promote sustainable forest management.

Participants included public sector officials from the region involved in forest resource management and representatives of the PPM networks of Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua and Costa Rica, who presented the results of their research, shared their points of view and criteria, and worked as a group to address the main challenges and opportunities for working with international networks.

The workshop also involved two field trips in Costa Rica, one to the Virgen de Sarapiquí area, where the Foundation for the Development of the Central Volcanic Cordillera (FUNDECOR, its Spanish acronym) showed its research experiences in sustainable management of natural forests, and the other in Turrialba, at a CATIE farm where the Center is developing a case study on forest management in a secondary forest.

Learn more about this workshop and the opinions of its participants in the following video:



After the workshop, its organizers have the challenge of strengthening a Central American network of forest observatories, in which Costa Rica, due to its experience in sustainable forest management, will play a key role.

This workshop was supported by two major donors: CGIAR's Forest, Trees and Agroforestry (FTA) and the Cooperation and Cultural Action Service for Central America (SCAC).


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