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CATIE strengthens alliances with strategic partners in Chiapas

  • In this Mexican state, the institution signed cooperation agreements with the SAGyP and the UNACH.

November 30, 2021. CATIE (Tropical Agricultural Research and Higher Education Center) signed cooperation agreements with the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries (SAGyP, its Spanish acronym) and the Autonomous University of Chiapas (UNACH, its Spanish acronym) to strengthen its partnerships with the agricultural sector of Chiapas, develop research related to natural resources and the environment, and train young people, professors and technicians from the state. 

The agreement with SAGyP was signed between Zaynia Andrea Gíl, Secretary of SAGyP, and Muhammad Ibrahim, Director General  of CATIE, with the participation of Rutilio Escandón, Governor of the State of Chiapas, as witness of honor. The signing took place within the framework of the First International Coffee Festival.  

According to the document, the agreement will strengthen the collaborative work being carried out between SAGyP and CATIE since the implementation of the Biodiversity and Sustainable Agro-silvopastoral Livestock Landscapes project, known as BioPaSOS. It will also facilitate collaboration on coffee, cacao, sustainable forest management, and integrated watershed management, among others.  

Gil commented that the signing of this agreement will further strengthen the project of the State Center for Innovation and Technology Transfer for the Development of the Chiapas Coffee Industry, known as CityCafé.   

For his part, Ibrahim was pleased with the signing of the agreement and indicated that CATIE can contribute a great deal to the inclusive green development of the state of Chiapas. Specifically, on the subject of coffee, CATIE can contribute through the materials conserved in its International Coffee Collection, its research in genetic improvement and agro-forestry management of coffee.  

Regarding the agreement signed with UNACH, the objective is to continue collaborating in actions of mutual interest; related to promoting and strengthening education, research and academic exchange.  

The signing of this agreement took place between Ibrahim and María Eugenia Culebro, general secretary of UNACH, who signed on behalf of Carlos Faustino Natarén, rector of the university. Also in attendance were María Guadalupe Rodríguez, general director of Research and Graduate Studies; Silvia Concepción Ramírez, in charge of the general coordination of inter-institutional relations; Carlos Alberto Sanabria, director of the Faculty of Agronomic Sciences; and René Pinto, research professor of the same faculty. On behalf of CATIE, José Antonio Jiménez, coordinator of the BioPaSOS project in Chiapas, accompanied the Director General.  

Culebro commented that this reactivation of the agreement between both institutions will strengthen the internationalization of the educational programs offered by UNACH.  

Ibrahim said he was satisfied with the collaboration that has been taking place between the two institutions, since relevant research has been carried out on the topic of livestock, which is contributing to generate technical and scientific evidence that will help producer families and other actors in the production chain to make better decisions based on scientific evidence. He also commented that he is interested in collaborating with UNACH and CATIE's Graduate School for the creation of a joint graduate program.


More information:

José Antonio Jiménez
Local Coordinator, Chiapas
BioPaSOS Project
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Written by:

Karla Salazar Leiva
Information Technology and Communication
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