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CATIE's Master's Degrees obtain approval by the Costa Rican Civil Service

  • CATIE graduates can now count on the support of Costa Rica's Civil Service Regime, which represents a fundamental contribution to strengthening the work of the Public Administration.

December 20, 2021. The inclusion of all CATIE (Tropical Agricultural Research and Higher Education Center) master's degrees in the Specialties Descriptive Manual of the General Directorate of the Civil Service of Costa Rica (DGSC, its Spanish acronym), will benefit and support graduates (Costa Rican and foreign) who decide to opt for a public position in the country or who are currently working in one, since their academic degree will be recognized, as well as their skills, proven merits and the opportunity for greater job stability within the public sector. 

CATIE has stood out for being one of the longest running postgraduate universities in Latin America and has graduated more than 2700 masters and doctorate professionals from more than 30 countries, so the current approval of the DGSC means the incorporation of graduates in a legal-administrative regime that guarantees and protects their rights and allows them to maintain a more orderly and equitable relationship in the administration of public employment. 

"The inclusion of our master's degrees in the Costa Rican Civil Service gives our graduates working in the country the opportunity to be leaders of change and promote inclusive green development, just as their peers in other countries in Tropical America are doing," said Roberto Quiroz, dean of the Graduate School. 

Currently, CATIE's academic offerings include a total of eight master's degree programs (three in virtual mode and five in face-to-face mode) focused on topics of global importance, such as climate change, sustainable development, responsible management of natural resources and biodiversity conservation. 

The virtual master's degrees include Watershed Management and Management, which also has an on-site program; Agribusiness Management and Sustainable Markets; and Agro ecological Intensification and Nutritional Food Security. 

Among the on-site master's programs are Agro-forestry and Sustainable Agriculture; Management and Conservation of Tropical Forests and Biodiversity; Economics, Development and Climate Change; and Sustainable Tourism. If you are interested in any of the current programs, please click here.


For more information:

Roberto Quiroz
Dean of the Graduate School
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Written by:

Dannia Gamboa Solís
Communications Assistant
Information Technology and Communication
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