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Graduate Program: doctoral (Ph.D.), academic masters, professional masters, specializations, courses and individual courses

During almost 70 years of active life, CATIE has stimulated excellence, leadership and cooperation among the student community.

We can quite properly say this: CATIE´s Graduate Program is the most experienced in Latin America and the Caribbean in agriculture, natural resources and environment. Our contribution to human capital formation began in 1946; we talk about 70 years of active academic life.

The program enjoys a high prestige and international recognition for his quality, and one of the principal characteristics is to have a clear commitment of service to the communities of Latin America and the Caribbean and encourage excellence, leadership and cooperation among the student community.

CATIE´s Graduate School promotes a dynamic education system, adapted to the social and labor demands of today's world, and intellectual interests of each student in order to develop leaders capable to face the challenges and opportunities of a constant change world.

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CATIE´s graduate studies are designed and structured to provide his professionals with university degree, abilities, knowledge and skills, as well as, the attitudes necessaries for technical and scientific qualitative and quantitative research for higher education and development. Also our graduate program promote our graduate management capacity and the climate smart territories approach in agricultural production systems, natural resources management and environnment.


CATIE: An International University