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Located in a low tropical mountain forest region, the campus offers a completely multi-cultural experience.

You don’t need to cross borders to get to know the cultures of other countries; these cultures co-exist on CATIE’s campus, as if it were one big family.

Our house of studies is just two hours from the capitol, San Jose. The campus is located at CATIE Headquarters, in Turrialba County. This county is located at 600 masl, in a low tropical mountain forest region, with an average annual temperature of 21.5°C.

Our campus is in the middle of a peaceful rural environment surrounded by beautiful scenery and nature. CATIE has over 1000 hectares in a mountainous area, where coffee fields, agricultural farms and sugarcane fields abound. The lake on campus is a window to observe a large variety of birds, and if you walk around the grounds, you might see animals such as armadillos, squirrels, coatis, among others. CATIE also has a spectacular botanical garden, where you can see an incredible variety of tropical fruits, roots and tubers and timber trees, as well as medicinal, oil, stimulant and ornamental plants.

And in the midst of this natural setting, CATIE’s infrastructure allows students permanent contact with the world, since all student residences, classrooms and offices are connected to Internet and CATIE’s computer center via optic fiber 24 hours a day.

The Campus is equipped with ample and comfortable living areas for students and their families.

This coexistence is unique

CATIE is an international community, a multi-cultural experience. This isn’t just a poetic phrase; it’s the truth. In CATIE, learning is not achieved just in the classroom; living together, culture, sports and leisure activities are also part of the multi-cultural experience. For that reason, you don’t need to cross borders to learn about other countries’ cultures; these cultures are found throughout CATIE’s campus, within the big family living there.

The cultural, academic and professional diversity, both of the students as well as of the professors, is one of the main components of our programs. This multi-cultural environment encourages an open and international learning atmosphere, which promotes the continuous exchange of personal experiences and enriches the content of each learning experience.