CATIE´s doctoral (PH.D.) program

CATIE’s Doctoral Program in agriculture and natural resources began in 1996. It is designed to meet the specific needs of each student. Subjects such as agroforestry and sustainable agriculture; integrated watershed and water resource management; economics, development and climate change; management and conservation of tropical forests and biodiversity; ecosystem services in sustainable agriculture; socioeconomics and analysis of natural resource and agricultural production systems policies; governance and livelihoods approaches for natural resource management are some of the possible areas for doctoral research studies.

CATIE offers four options in its international doctoral program: a) Joint program, in English, with the University of Bangor, Wales (United Kingdom); b) Joint program, in English, with the University of Idaho (United States); c) CATIE doctoral program, in English, with cooperating universities in the United States and Europe; and d) CATIE doctoral program, in Spanish, with cooperating universities in Latin America and Spain. In the first two options, the “Doctor of Philosophy” degree is awarded jointly with the respective university, while the diploma is awarded by CATIE for the third and fourth options.

Ph.D. CATIE - University of Idaho Agreement Ph.D. CATIE - University of Idaho Ph.D. CATIE -University of Bangor Agreement Ph.D. CATIE - University of Bangor

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