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CATIE has four funding modalities for its students. Take note!

  • Student’s own funds: the student has funding through his/her own or family funds, or funds from the company or business, institution or organization where he/she works.
  • External funds from donor or cooperator organisms or institutions: funding that CATIE has negotiated and obtained from external sources. CATIE administers these funds under pre-established and agreed conditions with the sponsoring entity.    
  • Project funds: are funds acquired through contributions from research, development or academic or professional training projects. These can be projects implemented by CATIE or by other institutions and organizations.
  • Funds from agreements with agencies that fund education: CATIE has agreements with CONACYT of Mexico and SENESCYT, which offer scholarships for students (students must apply for these scholarships directly in these offices). CATIE also has agreements with other organisms, such as BCIE, ICETEX (Colombia), etc.


Apertura de becas OEA para el periodo 2016: http://www.oas.org/es/centro_noticias/comunicado_prensa.asp?sCodigo=C-561/14