Our alumni

“At CATIE I learned that the realities in the countries that form a large part of the Latin American family are similar, that there is a strong sense of love for the homeland and that we must join efforts to improve things in our countries,” M.Sc. Margarita Medina.

For almost 70 years, hundreds of students have passed through our classrooms. We are witnesses of the generational change and some of our professors have even had the opportunity to share their knowledge with parents and offspring. This, without a doubt, is an excellent reference of the quality of our Graduate Program.

We are constantly moving toward the future, and our graduates are in charge of disseminating our experience, our knowledge and our message throughout the world.

CATIE alumni stay in contact with the institution and enjoy special benefits that the Center offers. A mechanism for interaction is the CATIE and IICA Alumni Association (AGCATIE) whose board of directors is comprised by graduates from several countries all over the world. There are also CATIE alumni associations in many of our graduates’ countries.


Beneficios para graduados del CATIE




“Long before I even got to CATIE, I was excited to get to know a new country, its people and all the classmates who would share two important years of my life. Meeting my classmates in the classroom was the start of stimulating group work, an intense academic pace and many, many late nights.

Nevertheless, the day-to-day cultural exchange during academic discussions in the classroom taught me the realities of my classmates. This was complemented by living together and formed a great part of my professional and human learning throughout my stay at CATIE.

Learning about the realities in other countries, missing my own home country and wanting to contribute my grain of sand to help my country and Latin America progress, was the force that helped me to benefit greatly from the professors’ teachings.

I learned from CATIE that the realities in the countries that form a big part of the Latin American family are similar, that love for my homeland is strengthened and that efforts to improve things in our countries should be a joint effort.” M.Sc. Margarita Medina.