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International Master´s program

Our International Master’s Program is linked to prestigious international universities and has agreements with over 50 universities and 400 partners throughout the world. CATIE’s International Master’s Program is recognized for its approaches, coverage and contents.

For CATIE, the master’s is an academic degree that is awarded to students who fulfill all the requirements of a graduate program. They must pass a minimum of 60 and a maximum of 72 credits, with a minimum duration of six quarters. CATIE offers two modalities of master’s degrees: academic and professional.

Professional master’s degrees aim to broaden and update knowledge and offer multidisciplinary training. The principal purpose is to analyze, synthesize, transmit and apply these to solve problems. Professional master’s degrees are specifically linked to the strengthening and consolidation of the skills of a profession or a field of professional application.

Academic master’s degrees delve deeper into and update knowledge, mainly to conduct research that generates more knowledge, becoming a generating nucleus. These degrees have a more individualized study plan for students and over 50% of the student’s academic load is dedicated to research activities, mainly applied to biophysical and socioeconomic situations and problems in Latin America and the Caribbean.