International Professional Master`s Program

The objective of this graduate program is to broaden students’ knowledge and specialized and multidisciplinary training. Students enrolled in the professional master’s program acquire academic master’s degrees in the subject or specialization of the master’s.

Professional master’s programs are specifically linked to the strengthening and consolidation of knowledge and skills of a profession or a field for professional application. Throughout the training process, students improve their skills linked in conjunction with disciplinary or multidisciplinary theoretical frameworks that broaden and qualify performance abilities in one or more fields of professional actions.

The final work of the professional master’s program is a project, a case study, an internship, experience, professional practice or similar work that demonstrates an innovative application or personal production, based on theoretical frameworks, shows solutions to complex problems, proposes improvements, develops analyses of real cases or similar activities that are generally accompanied by a written report that synthesizes the progress made or the experience acquired through this final work.

In order to pursue a professional master’s degree, applicants must have at least a university bachelor’s degree from a recognized university and an entrance profile according to what is established in the Admission requirements. The duration of these programs is generally from one and a half to two years. Students must pass at least 33 academic credits and 17 credits pertaining to the final graduation project.

CATIE offers the following professional master’s degrees:

International Master's in Development Practice International Master's in Biodiversity Conservation Practice International Master's in Sustainable Tourism International Master's in Administration and Development of Sustainable Enterprises