Cocoa station

The chocolate route


Our region’s first inhabitants considered cacao to be the fruit of Gods and nobility. CATIE has taken on the task of protecting one of the most diverse cacao collections in the world, providing genetic resources for the development of new, increasingly productive and disease-tolerant varieties.

CATIE’s International Cacao Collection is among the most valuable in the world. Since 1944 we have preserved the genetic variability of Theobroma cacao, and promote its research, distribution and germplasm exchange.

CATIE also supports cacao farmers in the development of environmentally sustainable production practices, helping to improve their livelihoods and offering a better quality product for the demands of a growing market.

In our plantations you will see the huge range of shapes, sizes and colors of the cacao fruit, known for its delicious flavor.

The collection covers 10 hectares, with 760 different types of cacao from diverse countries of tropical America.

For good chocolate
The cacao bean must be fermented and dried to develop the aroma and taste necessary to satisfy the most sophisticated palates.