Germplasm Bank

Seed Collection:

In this facility you can see how orthodox seeds from the most diverse families are preserved at -18o C; beans, corn, squash, peppers and tomatoes, among many others. The Bank, or Seed Collection, is the last in a series of steps required for the conservation of germplasm (genetic material). It all starts with field collections where fruits are cultivated and harvested to obtain the seeds that will then be preserved using a strict process.

Experience in the preservation and restoration of these materials, accompanied by a selection of the best technical staff, allows top notch work to ensure the existence of the seeds that are essential for global food security over the long term.

Knowledge of these procedures will be an enriching experience about their importance and the methodology used in seed preservation, and it will improve the sources of the foods that come to our table every day.

The use of freezing chambers as Germplasm Banks for the preservation of orthodox seeds reduces the use of large tracts of land and genetic erosion, it lowers costs and relieves pressure on protected areas, and allows the development of improved varieties.

Approximate duration of tour: two hours.