International Crop Collections

Consisting of crops of cultural as well as economic importance, each collection preserves an extraordinary diversity of individuals as the indispensable foundation for the successes achieved in plant breeding, especially for economically important crops like coffee and cocoa.

The high diversity of the collection and the presence of unique specimens make these plantations an asset in the public domain, under the auspices of the FAO as a tool that helps ensure its preservation. It simultaneously serves as a laboratory that pursues solutions to the problems that world’s agricultural resources are facing due to their erosion.

Having an opportunity to appreciate culturally significant crops such as pejibaye or peach palm, annatto and guava, as well as unique varieties of coffee, cocoa, fruit and timber trees, will allow you to better understand the importance and need to conserve as much diversity as possible.

The high diversity preserved in each one of the crops collected and the presence of unique and endangered species facilitate work on genetic improvement, seeking increases in production and tolerance to diseases and benefiting small farmers with more productive farms and lower agrochemical use while relieving pressure on natural forests.

Approximate tour duration: two hours.