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 Germplasm Bank for Orthodox Seeds

CATIE’s Germplasm Bank for Orthodox Seeds was started in 1976 in Turrialba, Costa Rica, in order to locate, collect, conserve and characterize germplasm from plants of priority interest for the wellbeing of mankind due to their attributes, as well as the provision of scientific knowledge for optimizing conservation.

The germplasm conserved in this bank, due to its genetic diversity, is used to develop biodiverse sustainable agriculture in the region that is competitive, with the aim of contributing to food security and combating rural poverty.

In this conservation effort, CATIE brings to the scientific community and the various productive sectors, the raw material for research and agricultural production, using different genera and species preserved in its cold chamber at -18° C.

Families conserved:

Cucurbitaceae = 2783 accessions

Solanaceae = 2188 accessions

Fabaceae = 1646 accessions

Poaceae = 429 accessions

Amaranthaceae = 300 accessions

Other families = 14 accessions

Total accessions = 7,360


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Daniel Fernández
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Head of Germplasm Bank for Orthodox Seeds
Commercial Division
Tel. (506) 2558-2223