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Cacao Genetic Improvement Program

Three decades of research

Over its 30 years of work, CATIE’s Cacao Genetic Improvement Program has focused on creating improved varieties of cacao and making them available to farmers to raise their standard of living, since most cocoa producers in Latin America are small, low-income family farmers who were forced to abandon production due to the impact of monilia.

In 2007, the Cacao Genetic Improvement Program selected the six clones that are now being distributed in Central America: CATIE-R1, CATIE-R4, CATIE-R6, CC-187, ICS-95 T1 and PMCT-58.

CATIE’s six cacao varieties, which have high production, good quality and tolerance to monilia, one of the most serious threats to cocoa production, will allow the modernization of plantations and improve the incomes and living conditions of Central America’s farming families, which in turn will help achieve a more stable supply of cocoa to the industry, a win-win situation for everyone.

Cocoa of Excellence

The CATIE-R4 and CATIE-R6 varieties were selected from among the best cacaos in the 2009 Salon du Chocolat event in Paris, an initiative that promotes cacao diversity as a source of business opportunities for farming families and for industrialists.