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Central American Cocoa Project

From 2007 to 2013, we implemented the Central American Cocoa Project (PCC), to carry out the following actions:

  • Increase productivity, diversity and financial and environmental value of cacao orchards for at least 6,000 Central American families.
  • Improve social functioning, business competitiveness of organizations, and living conditions for its members.
  • Include PCC experiences and innovations in local, territorial and national plans and in policies to support the cocoa sector.
  • Increase knowledge and the development of skills in students from schools, technical colleges and agronomy faculties for producing cocoa sustainably.
  • Provide equal opportunities and economic, social and cultural responsibilities for men and women in all spheres of action of the project.
  • Promote the participation of all family members in PCC actions to improve the social and economic conditions of these households.
  • Strengthen partnerships to reduce poverty in Central American cocoa-producing territories.
  • Establish 36 hectares of clonal gardens with improved varieties of cacao to optimize family plantations.