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Project AFAM-CATIE-INIAP-Ecuador

The Sustainable Agroforestry project in the Ecuadorian Amazon in development since 2012 integrates different themes and strategic sectors such as coffee, cacao and sustainable cattle production for the following objectives:

General objective: To strengthen, through applied research and training, knowledge, capacities and skills of farming families and their associations, technicians, promoters and support institutions toward the promotion of sustainable agroforestry in the Ecuadorian Amazon region.


Specific objectives

  1. Develop and implement a continuous learning-teaching and technical assistance model, in alignment with natural and farm management cycles to strengthen decision-making by the different stakeholders involved in the development of cacao, coffee and sustainable cattle production.
  2. Identify, investigate and promote sustainable agroforestry alternatives as a basis for the consolidation of integral development strategies for cacao and coffee farming and sustainable cattle production.