CATIE-CIRAD-PROMECAFE/Norway Leaf Rust Project:

Stemming from the severe coffee leaf rust (Hemileia vastatrix) outbreak that occurred throughout Mesoamerica in 2012, CATIE, CIRAD, PROMECAFE, the Norwegian Embassy and other key players in the sector joined forces in the project for the “Control of Coffee Leaf Rust in Mesoamerica.”

The objective of this initiative is to support the work being done by the Central American Agricultural Council (CAC) and the regional and national organizations for coffee research and development to combat leaf rust epidemics in the short, medium and long term.

Some of the actions this initiative is developing include research, publications, training events and regional and national forums to present, discuss and obtain feedback on the national assessments, the national plans and the regional program to halt the spread of leaf rust.

This discussion would provide inputs for the national plans aimed at reducing the severity of the current outbreak, implement a Leaf Rust Monitoring Plan and develop preventive actions to minimize the risk of future epidemics. The information generated by the project is available at the following link: COFFEE LEAF RUST