3. Graduate Theses

In this space you will find the titles of thesis, as a result of different research processes developed by professionals involved with CLADA, to obtain a Ph.D. or master’s degree.


Doctorate degrees

Christopher Kuzdas. Mitigating Water Conflicts in Communities Vulnerable to Climate Change – Case Study in the Hoja Ancha Cantón, Guanacaste Province, Costa Rica. Sustainability Institute, Arizona State university, US, 2010.

Thomas Douthat. Local Institutional Networks & Global Coffee: How Intermediaries Foster Resilience through Collective Efficiency in Coffee Clusters School of Regional Planning, Georgia Institute of Technology, US.2012.


Masters degrees

Hector Guerra. (2014) Identification of barriers and opportunities to mainstream climate change adaptation in the Coffee sector of Costa Rica. MSc thesis, CATIE.

Baltodano Fuentes, A. (2012). Resources for water management strategies in regions vulnerable to climate change: scenarios and perceptions of water use in Guanacaste, Costa Rica. Magister Scientiae, CATIE.

Morales Solís Rosas, I. M. (2012). An Evaluation of the socioecological resilience in Guanacaste, Costa Rica cases: Nicoya, Hojancha, and Nandayure. Magister Scientiae, CATIE.

Saini, M., & CATIE, Turrialba (Costa Rica). (2009). Characterization of adaptive capacity in Nicaragua: political context for the inclusion of ecosystem services in the adaptation of the hydroelectric sector. Magister Scientiae, CATIE.

Weiss, S. (2012). Food security and climate change in Guatemala: a governance analysis of responses to extreme climate related famine throughout the scales. Magister Scientiae, UN-PEACE UNIVERSITY, COSTA RICA.

Martínez Cano, A. R., & CATIE, Turrialba (Costa Rica). (2011). Factors that influence agricultural and livestock producers’ decisions in the adoption of soil and water conservation practices and their relationship with poverty in the micro-watersheds of Guior, Guatemala and Ocote Tuma, Nicaragua. Magister Scientiae, CATIE.

Milla Quesada, V. M. (2011). REDD+ and Indigenous Territories in Costa Rica: opportunities for community development from the forest resource management perspective. Magister Scientiae, CATIE.

Bachmann, N. (2009). Payment of the hydropower sector of Costa Rica for Ecosystem Services: Implementation of the project database. Magister Scientiae, ETH-Zurich.

Sander Otto. (2008) Direct benefits of different options of payments for hydrological services to protect soil and water in the Reventazón river basin, Costa Rica. MSc thesis. CATIE - Wageningen University. 

Lianes Revilla, E. (2008). Study of the vegetation “factor C” of the Revised Universal Soil Loss Equation (RUSLE) in the Río Birrís watershed (Costa Rica). Magister Scientiae, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid.