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Projects in negotiation

Today at CATIE we are in the negotiation phase for two projects. One connects us with the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) and the other with Eco-agriculture Partners and the World Bank. Here are their details.

  • Taking to Scale Tree-Based Ecosystem Approaches that Enhance Food Security, Improve Resilience to Climate Change and Sequester Carbon. Funding: World Bank

CATIE is participating in a study led by Eco-agriculture Partners and funded by the World Bank that aims to document experiences with expanding the management and use of trees in agricultural landscapes worldwide for making policy recommendations or strategies for a massive integration of trees into these landscapes.

The study has several phases, the first of which is oriented toward the documentation of experiences.

The next phases will depend on the results from the previous stages. The first phase is scheduled to start in May 2013 and it will last five months.