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Latin American Chair of Forest Policy and Economics

With the emergence in 2002 of the Policy and Agroforestry Economics Program (PPEF) at CATIE, the creation of the Latin American Chair of Forest Policy and Economics (CLAPEF) was promoted due to its success in education, research, management and execution of research an development.

The Latin American Chair of Forest Policy and Economics has as mission to consolidate, exted and delve into CATIE's competence, according to our strategic plan, regarding research, development, training and post-graduate education, in the areas of policy, governance and economics of sustainable agroforestry management.

Our general strategic objective is to contribute to the conservation of the agroforestry productive systems, including the forests, through the strengthening of forestry governance, the appropiate valuation of goods and environmental services, the management of businessess models and the sustainable value chains, which contribute to an inclusive agri-environmental development in rural zones of Latin America and the Caribbean.

Strategic Objectives

  • Strengthen the ability of the enterprises related to agroforestry resources to create businesses and investments implementing technologies that are more competitive (that allows them to capture the benefits of sustainable forestry management -MFS) guaranteeing or rehabilitating the ecological integrity of landscapes, minimizing the environmental impact, developing mitigation and adaptation synergies, as well as climate change resilience.
  • Promote the democratic participation of associated actors to the forestry resources in policy processes to reach agreements and equitable and inclusive solutions that enable and economic development and the conservation of forests in the Latin America and Caribbean region.
  • Improve the abilities of enterprises related to the agroforestry sector to develop businesses and sustainable value chains that allow them to capture the competitive advantages of the tropics, through the creation of enabling conditions of the agroforestry investors, and support them with serices of business development (economic and organizational aspects, technological instruments and those related to development and the marketing access).
  • Monitoring and evaluating the performance of the agroforestry sector and the impact of the policies, generating information and strategic knowledge that enables making decisions guided to reach and inclusive agri-environmental development in the Latin America and Caribbean region.


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