Our team

Our team is integrated by professionals identified and committed with the mission and vission of CATIE.

Under a leadership that promotes decision making, cooperation and development of each team member, the Latin American Chair of Forest Policy and Economics  (CLAPEF) is formed by the following professionals:




He is the director of the Latin American Chair of Forest Policy and Economics (CLAPEF) and is also the academic coordinator of the International Masters in Administration and Sustainable Business Development (ADNS). 

Trained as a forestry engineer with emphasis in management from the University of Idaho, United States, later obtained a masters degree on silviculture and forestry in the tropics from the Technical University of Dresde, Tharandt, Germany. Also, he has a Ph.D in Economics and Forest Management from the University of Freiburg, Germany.  

Guillermo works in topics such as economy, business models and value chains, international commerce of forestry products, valuation, management, politics and forest governance in the areas of post-graduate education, training, applied research and technical cooperation. 


She studied journalism and has a masters degree in human rights and peace education from the University for Peace (UPeace) and the National University of Costa Rica (UNA). Besides, she is finishing a second masters degree in Business Administration of the Media with emphasis in Information and Communication Technologies, from the Long Distance State University of Costa Rica (UNED).

She works as technical assistant and academic coordination support for the International Masters in Administration and Sustainable Business Development (ADNS). As well, she is supporting the publications and the knowledge management process of the CLAPEF.


He is a forestry engineer from Tecnológico de Costa Rica (TEC) and has a masters degree from CATIE in forest management and conservation. Currently, Víctor works as a researcher and is a Ph.D student for the CLAPEF, where he leads the activities for the GreeTS project, in order to analize the transformations of the economy of the developing countries of the global South, towards models that promote a sustainable development society.  

Víctor has a vast experience in themes such as forestry governance, forestry business models, monitoring and evaluation of projects, management and coordination of projects, geographical information systems, remote sensors and forestry inventories.


Marcela is a executive secretary with training in internal audit, as well as writing and orthography. She has been part of CATIE for over twenty five years. She worked twenty years in the Internal Audit department and since five years ago she has been working for the Production and Conservation in Forests Programme, giving support to the different projects and units.


She is a forestry engineer from Tecnológico of Costa Rica (TEC), where she graduated in 2015. Besides, she has an undergraduate degree as an English teacher for I and II cicle of education, for the Long Distance State University of Costa Rica (UNED).

Since November 2016, she is working as technical assistant for the CLAPEF, supporting the academic activities, helping in the elaboration of funding proposals, consultancies, technical studies in themes such as forestry economics, biodiversity conservation, forestry policy and climate change. 


Vladimir is an agronomist from the Central University of Venezuela and has a masters degree on Economy and Environmental Sociology, from CATIE. He has a doctorate degree in Sustainable Development from the Simón Bolivar University of Venezuela.

He has worked as university professor in Venezuela and Costa Rica. He was the General Director of Quality of the Ministry of Environment of Venezuela and has worked as a consultant, for the public and private sectors, in institutions like UNDP and UNIDO.

He has extensive experience in topics such as economic valuation of goods and environmental services, economical and financing evaluation or investment projects, environmental impact studies, waste management and solid and toxic waste management, among others.


He studied the Business Administration career with emphasis in banking, from the Long Distance State University of Costa Rica (UNED). Since August 2016, he has been working as administrator of the Production and Conservation in Forests Programme, giving support to all the units. He started working at CATIE in 1996.

Before joining the Programme, Johnny worked for the Regional Services and Agreements Office of the Financing and Administration department of the Center.




Geoffrey is a forestry engineer from National University of Costa Rica (UNA). He has been trained in topics such as silvicuture, management of natural tropical forests, optimization and value chains, among others.

He has worked in the preparation of technical documents and training manuals, and has contributed teaching courses in the technical and practical areas. He has a wide experience in the management of forests and plantations in coutries such as Guatemala, Nicaragua, Honduras, Peru, Ecuador, Mexico, Belize, Panama, Bolivia, Costa Rica, Haiti and Colombia.

Geoffrey supports the Chair from the headquarters, but his functions are developed in the countries where the implementation is need it.


Néstor is from Alta Verapaz, Guatemala. He studied forestry engineering at the Rafael Landivar University, but in 2012 he came to CATIE to study a masters degree in Environmental Socioeconomics, finishing in 2014.

Currently, Néstor supports the CLAPEF from Paraguay, country where he lives.

Lorena is a forestry engineer from the National University of Costa Rica (UNA). For 30 years she worked at CATIE  in charge of different tasks. At present, Lorena supports the publication process of documents, including the Natural Resources and Environment magazine. 


Carlos is a forestry engineer from Universidad Distrital de Bogotá, Colombia, with a specialty in Geographic Information Systems. He has a master degree in Environmental Socioeconomics from CATIE.

He has experience in the public and private sector in development and research projects applied in themes related to environmental territorial planning, climate change, forestry governance, conservation incentives, commercialization chains and financing and economic valuation of investment projects in the rural sector. 

Carlos constributes with the CLAPEF from Colombia, his native country. 


Roberto is a publicist, with a degree in Business Administration with emphasis in marketing, and a master degree in Business Administration with emphasis in Bank and Financing, from the University of Costa Rica (UCR).

He has experience in strategic planning, fund-raising, marketing plans, management systems, among others. He has worked for organizations such as Cooperativas Sin Fronteras, Procomer and as an university professor, among them, teaching courses for the Master program in Administration and Development of Sustainable Business of CATIE.


Margarita is Mexican. She studied Environmental Engineering and later obtained a master degree in Integrated Watershed Management, from CATIE.  His professional development focusses in the integrated and participatory management of natural goods from a socioecological prespective. She has particular interest and commitment with the development of projects that allow to generate collective and conscious processes of transformation of reality, which can promote sustainable, healthy and equitable relations among people and the environment.  

Currently, Margarita supports the CLAPEF from Chiapas, México, where she lives.


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