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Our work

The Latin American Chair of Forest Policy and Economics (CLAPEF) is a self-managed academic unit for CATIE that has a business model oriented in four lines of action:

  • Knowledge management

          - Documentation

          - Development of concepts and knowledge systematization

          - Production of information materials
            Policy briefs, articles for the media, workshop materials, such as posters and presentations, brochures, technical series, educational and training manuals and articles to be published in academic and scientific magazines, are part of this process.

          - Post-graduate education
            Strengthening of the masters and Ph.D programs on the fields of policy, governance and economy of forestry resources. Likewise, we coordinate the International Masters in Administration and Sustainable Business Development (ADNS).

          - Research and analytical studies
            The development of research and analytical studies about themes of regional importance has great relevance in the activities of CLAPEF.

          - Political advocacy based in knowledge
            The establishment of a commitment in themes of forestry resources allocation and its management at the global, regional, national and local level is a priority from a political process and governance approach perspectives in Latin America.

         - Training
           Strengthening the growing capacities in the region in the fields of policy, governance and economy of the forestry resources, through the alliances, development of materials, training of actors and key professionals and promotion of experience systematization.

  • Technical cooperation and training with partners in the member countries.


  • Political advocacy and institutional reforms as an interface science-policy.


  • Development of projects and technical cooperation.


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