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Gender: we are all equal

At CATIE we have a mandate to advance tropical agriculture, implement the integrated management of natural resources and environmental protection so that our countries continue to produce goods and services for an expanding population. And in this action framework there is a key pillar for us: enhancing the promotion of gender equity and equality, reducing poverty and using natural resources sustainably.

How do we accomplish this objective? By promoting and implementing actions that enhance people’s access to equal opportunities, equality of rights, choices, responsibilities and the development of their capacities.

Our goal is that men and women of all ages, from all ethnic groups and all walks of life, will be able to enjoy the benefits of sustainable development. Here the motto is: we are all equal with the same rights and opportunities.

At CATIE we have been developing this gender policy since 1995 and we have become pioneers for this issue in the agricultural sector. This is because we recognize our responsibility as a regional center to become leaders in inclusive and equitable development in higher education, research and outreach.

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