This is sustainable livestock production

Sustainable integral approaches such as the implementation of silvopastoral systems combined with a number of best practices for livestock management have had successful results in improving productivity and profitability, generating ecosystem services, reducing carbon footprints and adapting to climate change compared to traditional livestock management approaches.

Thanks to intensive work with 15 years of research, we have managed to create a balance between the environmental, the social and the economic. Our proposal significantly increases milk production in rainy and dry seasons; carbon sequestration rises by more than 100%; and meat production increases by more than 100%. In addition, emissions are reduced by 50% in milk production and 30% in meat production.

Silvopastoral systems also favor biodiversity by creating green highways, biological corridors for the movements of species.

Our dream at CATIE is to extend this model to millions of hectares of ranchlands in Latin America and the Caribbean.

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