Value chains and agribusiness

At CATIE we develop the theme of value chains and agribusiness through our research program for Development, Economy and Environment (IDEA), which works by encouraging the competitiveness of small and medium agricultural and forestry enterprises with social and environmental responsibility.

We focus on facilitating the development of agribusiness and the successful integration of value chains through services directed at business and socio-organizational management, virtual platforms, capacity building, graduate education and applied research.

Efforts undertaken by IDEA are designed to integrate CATIE’s 30-year plus track record into technology and approaches for the sustainable management of natural resources and poverty reduction using innovative concepts and strategies for rural business development.

We do all this at CATIE in order to reconcile the twin goals of economic development and environmental conservation, and to promote joint work of small and medium-size producers in supply chains, through the organization of market-oriented business associations. This is how we take advantage of the opportunities that are starting to emerge in differentiated markets.

Value chain approach

The positioning of agribusiness in specialty markets requires that quality products be supplied in sufficient volumes at competitive prices. To successfully integrate value chains and establish close relationships with other actors in the chain (processors, traders and consumers), agribusinesses require stronger managerial, technical and financial capacities.

Our value chain approach aims to strengthen these capabilities, with an emphasis on managers and entrepreneurs in agribusiness. It also encourages representatives of non-governmental organizations, state agencies and projects to make more timely provisions of business development partners to agribusinesses.

Our international network of contacts allows our institution to link agribusinesses with key actors from differentiated markets.

What value chains do we work on?

Agriculture: coffee, bananas, cocoa, dairy, fruits and vegetables, honey, sesame, cashew nuts and other organic, gourmet or fair trade products.

Forestry sector: certified timber and non-timber forest products such as xate, bamboo, heart of palm, Brazil nut, medicinal plants and plants for crafts.

Strategic priorities

At CATIE we develop the theme of value chains and agribusiness on five strategic pillars, which support the products and services we offer our customers.

1.Business development services

2.Enterprise promotion platforms

3.Capacity Building

4.Graduate education

5.Applied research