Our mission, vision, strategy and values

CATIE, as an international entity with a unique combination of science, graduate education and innovation for development, has its bases well-grounded and a clear action plan for creating professionals with a distinct perspective who can also contribute to the sustainable growth of the communities. These are our pillars:


Increase sustainable and inclusive human well-being in Latin America and the Caribbean, promoting education, research and outreach for the sustainable management of agriculture and conservation of natural resources.


To be an excellent international land-grant type of university specialized in agriculture and natural resources that effectively integrates education, research and outreach in alliance with multiple partners and countries through a solid regional scientific platform.


To promote the development of climate-smart territories as a tool to achieve sustainable and inclusive human well-being and the effective integration of actions in education, research and innovation for development, in alliance with multiple public and private partners.


Appreciation of diversity: we respect and value each one of our collaborators, students and partners, regardless of social status, ethnic identity, gender, age, beliefs, physical condition and ideology and we recognize that their work enriches the operation of the institution.

Entrepreneurial spirit: we take advantage of opportunities and resources with energy and enthusiasm in order to complete an idea or a project and attract the resources necessary for a successful and sustainable operation.

Excellence: we give the best that we have to develop our potential to the maximum and free the talent of all collaborators to permanently nourish individual and organizational excellence.

Innovation: we make an effort to introduce new ideas, approaches, methodologies, products, services and practices to improve our individual and collective work in order to be more competitive and relevant.

Integration: we work in a unified way in order to reach the same objective and to position CATIE as an international university that combines research, education and innovation for development using systems and collaborative approaches.

Service: we respond to the needs of our external and internal publics with efficiency, quality and on time.

Accountability: we respond to the actions and decisions that we make in accordance with our duties and individual and collective responsibilities and we keep our organs of government, target audiences and partners informed.