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A fun, healthy and educational Turrialba with CATIE’s International Fair

Art, music, culture, cuisine and the CatieNatura race are woven into a unique weekend with a focus on assisting the community.

One weekend a year CATIE opens its doors to thousands of visitors for a healthy and educational recreation activity suitable for the whole family: The International Fair that is held on the university campus with the backing of the institution’s Social Responsibility Program.

Science, art, music made in Costa Rica and music from other countries, sports activities –such as the CatieNatura race–, cultural and children’s events, as well as events created to raise awareness of other cultures, such as samples from other cuisines, are just part of what CATIE’s International Fair has to offer. The fair fosters cultural exchange by the more than 20 nationalities represented at CATIE with the beneficiary institutions and the general public.

How we organize our fair 

The fair is organized by a committee consisting of CATIE staff members who work voluntarily on the entire process for the activity.

Moreover, there are several work teams that take charge of every detail of the fair. Along with the social welfare institutions that will be the beneficiaries, CATIE students of different nationalities form a work team for each country with a presence at the institution.

The fair becomes a reality thanks to the support of several sponsors, who get involved with the noble cause of raising funds for the area’s social welfare institutions.

If you would like to have more information about sponsorship options, contact at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..