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Would you like to work with us?

CATIE is an international organization that offers professionals the opportunity to develop within a unique synergy of science, graduate education and innovation for development. Our doors are open to those who want to be a part of this particular innovative model of development and learning.

CATIE is an institution that has earned international prestige around the world for its efforts and efficiency in conservation of biodiversity, targeted to improve human well-being and reduce rural poverty. CATIE has Technical Offices in Latin America and the Caribbean, through which we carry out research and education.

The headquarters of CATIE is in town of Turrialba, Costa Rica, in a natural area where tranquility and security foster a high quality of life. The tropical zones of the Americas (Neotropics), where Costa Rica is found, harbor the greatest diversity of species and ecosystems and a broader range of interactions than found in other tropical regions of the world.

Costa Rica, with only 51.100 km2 of land surface (0.03% of that of the world) and 589,000 km2 of territorial waters, is considered among the 20 countries with the greatest biodiversity in the world. Its geographical position, its two coasts and its system of mountain ranges, which provide numerous and varied microclimates, help explain this natural richness in species and ecosystems. Yes, Costa Rica is one of the most diverse countries on the planet and CATIE draws from this marvelous contrast to impact the region through research and education. Perhaps you would like to be part of this organization.

Men and women professionals who wish to join in carrying out the work that we do may contact the Human Development Office via e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Fecha de caducidad: 22/10/2021


Fecha de caducidad: 22/10/2021