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What we do at the CATIE El Salvador NTO:

We generate and execute efforts to fulfill our social mission with the communities while we make contributions to education, research and technical cooperation.

  • To fulfill our mission to improve human welfare and reduce rural poverty we use education, research and technical cooperation, and we also promote the sustainable management of agriculture and natural resources.
  • In El Salvador we work with the public and private sectors, academia, NGOs, municipalities and civil society organizations. Our goal is to provide the country with the knowledge we generate through research by students of the Graduate School, as well as technologies and methodologies developed by programs and projects; we see all this reflected in different actions taken on agricultural, livestock, environmental, forestry, human resources training, protected area management, watershed management, risk management and governance issues.
  • Every year the NTO works with an average of 50 professionals who participate in our institutional actions, projects, consultancies and studies related to the agricultural, forestry and environmental sectors and for risk management and vulnerability related to climate change, and ecosystem approaches.