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Major projects

From our base at the CATIE El Salvador NTO we have executed many regional projects, ranging from innovations in vegetables to involvement in the protection of special areas and strategic watershed management. These are some of the projects that we have developed from this office that links efforts and staff from El Salvador and the CATIE headquarters.

Regional projects. We participate in the execution of regional projects including CATIE-MAP, Innovations in specialty vegetables in the Trifinio region, and the Forests and Forest Management Project in Central America (Finnfor).

Productive projects. We execute nationally funded productive projects, one of which is for Increasing the Production and Value of Fruits and Vegetables in the Northern Region of the Department of Cabañas. It is funded by FOMILENIO to assist more than 600 producers.

We support fruit production in Cabañas

We help vegetable producers reduce their costs and improve their productivity using best agricultural practices

Vegetable production. The vegetable production with irrigation project is executed with ten families in the municipality of Caluco. It is replicating the methodologies and technologies promoted by the Innovation with specialty vegetables project that is being developed in the Trifinio region.

The vegetable plot of 10 families making sound use of water in Caluco using MAP approaches

Protection of natural areas.We participate in the protection of natural areas and through the Management of the Complejo Los Farallones Protected Natural Area project with the active participation of local actors, we protect all 400 hectares of the conservation area plus the buffer zone. Nine communities comprising more than 4,000 people receive ecosystem services and two municipalities participate: Caluco and San Julián in Sonsonate department, with funds from the Initiative for the Americas of El Salvador (FIAES).

We support the conservation of the Complejo Los Farallones Protected Natural Area

Watershed management.Today we develop and implement watershed management plans. Actions are carried out in five micro-basins in territories located in San Vicente, Cuscatlán and Cabañas for the Ministry of Environment. Work is done with the Spanish NGO Geólogos del Mundo to implement activities aimed at developing the Management Plan for the Las Cañas river basin with a focus on risk management.

NTO technicians plan the execution of the San Vicente, Cuscatlán and Cabañas Management Plan for a MARN project and its implementation in the territories.

Panoramic view of the Ismataco River micro-basin in San Vicente Management plans.

We prepare plans for the management of risk from disasters. We are currently doing one for the Municipality of Caluco, Sonsonate, with support from the Salvadoran Foundation for Economic and Social Development (FUSADES)

Analyzing risks from disasters in Caluco Assessments.

We support the realization of participatory assessments for different organizations of the country and we participate in inter-agency platforms for managing territories.