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What we do at CATIE’s Honduras NTO:

From the Honduras National Technical Office we are developing several projects that are doing key work in the training of human resources through the Graduate School and training of professionals, leaders and producer partners to our projects. Specifically, these are some of the steps we are taking in the trenches of action.

  • We promote education, research and technical cooperation with the sustainable management of agriculture and natural resources as our flagship.
  • In Honduras we work with the public and private sectors, academia, NGOs, municipalities and civil society organizations, providing knowledge generated from the research of students at the Graduate School and technologies and methodologies developed by programs and projects. We carry out different actions on agricultural, livestock, environmental, forestry, human resource training, protected area management, watershed management, risk management and governance issues.
  • Every year we work with an average of 24 professionals who participate in our institutional actions, projects, consultancies and studies related to agricultural, forestry and environmental sectors, risk management and vulnerability related to climate change and ecosystem approaches.
  • Training is an important pillar of action at this NTO. CATIE's technical staff in Honduras facilitates and streamlines processes so that Honduran professionals can take specialized courses give at CATIE’s Central Headquarters.