Products and services

The Honduras NTO channels the products and services that CATIE offers on matters related to research, training programs and the Graduate School, as well as to initiatives that provide opportunities for poverty reduction and sustainable, equitable development around priority in-country issues. Here are some of our products and services in three areas of action: territorial land management, the environmental area and the socioeconomic area.

Territorial land management. We address Regionalization/Decentralization, Regional Planning with a Territorial Land Management Approach, Territorial Common Agenda, Local Governance, Platforms for Consultation, Inclusion and Equity.

Environmental area. We generate and develop projects for watershed management, biological corridors, forests and climate change.

Socioeconomic area. We focus on production chains for forestry, coffee, cocoa, vegetables and fruits, and livestock. We are developing the Food Security Policy project and we link water security with food security and promote equality in the sector.